Intense humor and creative interplay have long marked the friendship of designer Mira and Mark Milroy who is a NYC based painter. So the idea of working on a common project together was natural. The result is a first time collaboration - a meeting point of fashion and art.


The portrait of the NYC “It boy” Stanley reveals Mark Milroy’s talent and sensitive approach to capturing a short unexpected moment. It suggests that we are faced by someone that is acting freed of any rules and therefore feels comfortable in the fashion scene. “Stanley was just priceless” says Mark Milroy, “he showed up in my studio topless with these bright green jeans”. The fact that he dared to be painted in oil like that inspired Mira von der Osten.

"Each portrait by Mark Milroy tells a story and so does each of our designs." Mira von der Osten, Founder & Designer of CRUBA

painter designer


Mira embarked on a creative journey with this portrait in mind,conceiving various ideas. Then suddenly the original painting arrived in Berlin. She started to steal roses from the canvas and translated them into silk satin pants, pea green. The naked and hairy breast was printed on T-shirts. The finest materials show off her CRUBA designs and intricate patterns. Mira’s play on the roses is an integral design element in numerous ways. Her new concepts mixed in with the classic pieces of the current CRUBA collection conjure up a surprising image – a new way to think CRUBA.

"Interpreting the outfits mark dresses his subjects in illustrates creative process. by telling story of a person she or he becomes alive and relevant" says Mira von der Osten.


  Mark MilroyMark Milroybelt canvas


We hope you enjoyed learning about the collaboration between MARK MILROY and CRUBA. You can check out the clothes online or at the exhibition RADICAL CRAFT at the Direktorenhaus Berlin.