For you we have designed a variety of new items. Discover our new sweaters made from merino wool and cashmere and our new pieces that come in a fun tiger print! The new collection will give your wardrobe an exciting twist all year around.


CRUBA stands for handmade CRUBA stands for craftsmanship CRUBA stands for locally produced CRUBA stands for responsibly sourced CRUBA stands for women designing for women CRUBA stands for Create Resolutions Using Berlin Arguments

CRUBA is a slow fashion brand

CRUBA stands for Create Resolutions Using Berlin Arguments. We are a German sustainable fashion brand, based in Berlin, and produce luxurious women`s fashion. Our garments blend everyday wear with cutting edge designs and ensure comfortable, functional and stylish pieces for you! We produce fair- and slow fashion as we cherish the environment and our business partners equally. Therefore, we produce in small family-run factories and create sustainable designs, for instance our NOMAD DRESS is a zero-waste garment. In addition, CRUBA is a female designer brand founded by designer Mira von der Osten, she studied fashion at Parsons School of Design, in New York and Paris, and has designed at well known fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Now that she has her own brand, she has also initiated other projects like the Fashion Positions and MAPchen here in Berlin. We want to thank you for supporting our vision and slow fashion!