Widespread outsourcing of clothing manufacturing to some of the most vulnerable regions of the world and the increasing automation of clothing production has flooded the market with disposable fashion that is cheaply constructed, without concern for its environmental impact, sustainability or working conditions. We produces locally and regionally for cosmopolitan women across the globe.



With all production carried out within 250 km of Berlin, we can assure accountability and consistently high standards at every level. The pieces are of the highest quality woven materials – cashmere, silk, wool, and other natural materials – primarily sourced from Italy, produced consciously at every level, from shearing to weaving to the subtle interventions in design.


Within fashion there is an emerging consciousness expressed as a desire to know about the source of clothing, its sustainability, its impact on the environment and its production conditions. These values inspire our head designer Mira von der Osten and are foundational to us.


 We are quality control freaks and ensure that standards expected from a line of luxury women’s wear will be maintained at every step. The finished pieces remain true to the vision of our designer Mira von der Osten. What results are timeless luxury goods with great respect for materials with integrity – the utter opposite of disposable fashion.


We create sustainable fashion with pieces that build on each other from one season to the next. Sustainability is a core value of the line that extends into all aspects of production. Both the design and sampling studio are located next to the flagship store in Berlin, which permits extreme attention to – and control over – detail. These are the benefits of a “local” business whose scope is international. 


We are committed to fostering a wholesome urban environment – meaning on a human scale, with respect for the natural environment, creativity, durability, sustainability and collaboration. Berlin is a vibrant city, and our flagship store is situated in the middle of it all, at the heart of the gallery district.


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