The CRUBA woman is busy but never hurried. She appreciates detail and panache. Her interest in fashion begins with function and drifts towards artistic expression. Her style is effortless and easy-going with urban sophistication. She is feminine and polished, untethered to trends. Modern design refuses limitations. Minimalist, modernist, extravagant, bold, lush, natural – all these categories are gracefully reinvented at CRUBA with enduring elegance.
CRUBA customer

CRUBA is a line of luxury women’s wear designed for women, on women. Using all three dimensions means that design is done at CRUBA not on a computer but on a body, resulting in a perfect fit. The designers trust the tradition of creating luxury clothing and use models at various stages during the design and sampling process.

CRUBA sources the finest fabrics – cashmere, silk and other natural materials – for pieces that move naturally with a woman’s body. Flights of fancy – crystals grown in fabric, a ruffle-draped shoulder, iridescence – are matched by the integrity and natural elegance of finely woven fabrics. CRUBA is dedicated to craftsmanship and to the luxury quality that is only possible through an adherence to the timeless tradition of three-dimensional design. CRUBA is pure, mindful and artistic. Unadulterated in composition, sourcing the finest fabrics to flatter with every drape and tailoring detail, CRUBA pieces move with ease on a woman’s body – for a woman. Each CRUBA collection is comprised of individual pieces that stand alone for their clarity and confidence of design. Their elegance lies in subtle interventions. These are luxury essentials.