We created Ninetimesthree, a box with three maternity essentials to survive these nine months (9x3). We want to introduce you to our Ninetimesthree box and share tips for getting dressed and looking stylish with our three must-haves pants, skirt and top - through all stages of pregnancy.


Pregnant in N.Y. with my first child I was shocked what my choices were when it came to clothing. There was the choice of wearing a red polyester dress with a big bow on your belly or leggings. I was frustrated in trying to hold on to looking stylish in this new phase of my life.

Being a fashion designer by profession it was a logical step for me to find a better solution for women. By now I have been pregnant with 5 kids in all kinds of different life-situations - in different countries with lots of clothing to wear or with close to nothing at all. In my last pregnancy I restricted myself to only wear the Ninetimesthree box and now feel very confident in recommending it to you.

Maternity essentialsMaternity clothing box


We always tell our mom’s to-be to shop Ninetimesthree when their belly is already showing, or to be more precise when unbuttoning your pants does not do the trick anymore. This can be for a first time pregnancy in your second or third trimester and for women who have been pregnant before in their first trimester.


Maternity topMaternity pants


The first of the three piece of the Ninetimesthree box is our Basic Top. Is particularity? It covers the belly and therefore supports your back. This top is composed with 93% of cotton and 7% of elastic and will fit every pregnant woman.


The second piece is our basic pants. It was created to curve around the changing body. If you are looking for a business outfit, we recommend you to combine this trousers with our basic top.


And finally our Basic skirt complete our Ninestimesthree Box. The combination between the skirt and the top is perfect for dancing till dawn!

Maternity skirtSkirt for maternity

These three maternity essentials are made out of a special two-way cotton/stretch blend that was created to curve around the changing body. The fabric is comfortable, washable, and a pleasure to wear!

We also payed a special attention to the fabrics in order to be not harmful for the baby that is growing inside you.


All pieces in the set come in black. You may wander why? This is because they can be easy to either combine or accentuate with a funky top or splash of color or print. This set helps you to feel and look great while balancing your roles as lover, mother and professional during pregnancy – without sacrificing comfort.

Maternity clothes


The clothing isn’t the only part of the package performing double-duty. The top, skirt and pants come in a box that can act as a time capsule for you to preserve those nine special months.

During the course of a pregnancy, one starts to accumulate all kind of small souvenirs: the first ultrasound photos, the first baby rattle, the first baby outfit, etc. Like a precious book, the box is covered in linen and acts a treasure chest for the memories of mother and child. And for each pregnancy, you can start a new box!


You can find all of pieces and the box in our maternity category in our online shop and if you are in Berlin, you can find us at Auguststr. 28.


Ninetimesthree maternity box offers offers you all of the essentials to start your pregnancy. Thus the kit is created to provide the perfect gif of love from a husband to his wife, a mother to her daughter, a sibling to her sister, a best friend to her special one…