CRUBA stands for Create a Resolution by Using a Berlin Argument. It was a starting point to working here in Berlin. The line of luxury women’s wear is indelibly linked to Berlin. Our designer Mira von der Osten takes much inspiration from the city itself and streets – from gallery windows to squats in Art Nouveau buildings to the city that has arguably become a cultural capital of Europe.



 CRUBA_gallery weekend





 CRUBA’s flagship store is found in the heart of the gallery district, in a formerly East Berlin neighborhood, Mitte, occupied by artists after the fall of the Berlin Wall. We collaborates with artists, for example a capsule collection using fabrics printed with images from Berlin artists.    

Berlin is a creative, vibrant, iconoclastic and international city that is known as much for its identity as a place of constant change as it is for its complex history. Architecture plays an important role in the city and in the remaking of its identity, and CRUBA’s collections pay homage to architecture and other traditions of refined design. 















What does it mean to create luxury goods in a city with a distinctly anti-consumer environment? It means designing and producing pieces to last, pieces that endure through seasons and trends.


CRUBA has the clean, classic lines of Northern European design, arising from modernism with the whimsy of Berlin’s cutting edge art scene.Berlin is renowned for fostering design innovation in an environment of irrepressible youthful openness and a sense for improvisation. Still, Berlin can be serious, earnest, true.

The romantic notion of weltschmerz is also at home here. A complicated and considered relationship to existence has a home here. Like Berlin, CRUBA is playful, spontaneous and yet created to endure.

Beyond the cityscape, CRUBA derives its inspiration from nature’s glamor: a cloud, a glacier, moss, a marble slab, a palm, a crystal, a foggy day, a wildflower.