Slow Fashion

Slowness as a mindset

Our garments are designed to take you away from your daily fast-paced life.
Cherishing those precious moments of mindfulness and being present. We produce in small family-run factories.
We feel the word "sustainable" doesn't capture our approach to foster a wholesome environment on a human scale with respect to the natural resources, climate & durability.

Designed Locally

Berlin based

Our independent creative studio established 2009 is in Auguststrasse 28 in Berlin Mitte.

Mo - Fr 11h - 18h and Sa 12h - 18h

bold, contemporary, playful

New collection

The new collection will give your wardrobe an exciting twist all year around.

Who made my clothes

250km around Berlin

Locally produced, responsibly sourced and made out of the finest quality materials with high attention to craftsmanship.