CRUBA | Birte Carolin Sebastian

It's time for Art Week 2018 - a perfect occasion to introduce our new and CRUBA winter collection 2018. It is based on the work of the New York painter Mark Milroy - scroll down to see what we had worked on the last months.

Mark Milroy | Stanley Portrait

Who sits down today and has their portrait painted? Furthermore, what does this person decide to wear? The paintings triggered our curiosity to alienate the clothing in the portraits and reinterpret them.

CRUBA | Mark Milroy Series

See our Stanley T with the breast-hair-print and the Stanley Pants in a luxury silk with roses printed all over them.  They are a limited edition and therefore only available in our shop or by order.
Come by - we have an original painting from Mark Milroy in our studio next to our interpretations.

Love to see you soon,
the CRUBA Team