Remember, the oil spill in 2010, millions of barrels of oil poured into the gulf and devastated the most precious marshlands in the coastal region. This accident surely was not just an industrial one but inflicted a deep wound on planet earth.

I just read now that all along the so-called Taylor oil spill was taking place in the same region for 14 years with far more oil spilling into the ocean then the BP oil spill. In great shock, it made me think of our oil spill dresses – our project in 2010. At that time, observing the oil spill from a distant felt like the ocean was bleeding - I had to do something.


The oil spill project was inspired by our numb feeling of merely being a distant bystander, by the hammering urge to do something. Seeing the images of the oil gushing into the gulf of Mexico with no definite end in sight transmitted absurdly a beautiful aesthetic.

Oil spill project

Looking at photos and realising this we had the idea to print these images onto silk/cotton fabric and created a limited edition of dresses. They were featured in our shop on Auguststrasse. We received great feed back from everyone and specially the press. All profits made from the sales were donated to the US National Wildlife Federation.

To this day customers ask me about this project and tell me how it made them aware that we can all do something even in fashion. By now our whole industriy has turned around in its PR and everyone is aware and wants to do good.

The environmental projects though have not disappeared if not they have drastically increased. I mean the rain forest in Brazil is currently burning. I still feel numb and helpless – how do you cope with these thoughts?