As a part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Mira was invited to discuss the topic of fashion and digitalization.

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  Mira was joined by three other Berlin designers to exchange opinions on the topic of fashion and digitalization.
Mira shared her excitement on digitalization, more specifically 4d design, enabling the knitting up and weaving up of garments, as this could eliminate overproduction of garments and material wastage. Nonetheless, Mira also mentions how digitalization can lead to employee uncertainty and accelerated mass production. Hence, digitalization can present opportunities but also be a threat within the fashion industry. Julia Leifert claims that digitalization enables her to collect her customers body measurements with which she can work, and Tina Lutz Morris sees an opportunity in using an ERP system which measures her brands carbon footprint as she believes that transparency is key! Moreover, the group touched upon NFT´s and, Interestingly enough, Michael Pfeifer claims that big companies will struggle more than young, small companies with regards to a digital shift.